December 18, 2014

Lots of NARS Stuff | Blogmas

I never thought I'd get to see the NARSissist in real life.

Cool palettes like this one rarely come to Hong Kong. And if they do, they sell out within a few days. Yet somehow a few months ago, the shopping gods were on my side and I came across the last additional shipment of NARSissist palettes at the NARS counter at Lane Crawford. And along with that, it happened to be crazy Gift-with-Purchase-week. It was a great, great day.

The NARSissist eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. The formulation is just right - pigmented but nothing too hard to blend out or work with. Most days I actually feel slightly overwhelmed with the 15 shades to choose from, but fortunately they all amazingly compliment each other. I also ended up getting the NARS #43 Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush, which is the perfect size and angle for doing that final blending step to tie everything in.

Now onto the Gift-with-Purchases, some of which I've briefly reviewed before. I got a mini Deep Throat blush which has since then become one of my favorite daily blushes - it's the perfect rosey pink just to swipe onto a bare face together with a little mascara. I also got a mini NARS Eyeshadow Primer (a long time fave), a mini NARS Larger-Than-Life Eyeliner (a decent, smudgeproof liner), and a mini Satin Lip Pencil in "Rukigien" (nice shade but I can't see what the hype is about with these pencils). Last but not least, the Sales Associate threw in deluxe samples of the NARS Light Optimizing Primer and Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer, both of which I've yet to try.

What's your favorite NARS product?

7 days till Christmas!

December 17, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree | Blogmas

It's tree decorating time tonight! Better late than never right? Meet Murphy, our Christmas tree. He's still a bit naked and could use a few more ornaments and lights, which we'll get around to soon. For now, he has Mr Santa, Rudolph, and bows made from this gorgeous red and white ribbon that I found at a local stationary store today.

What's on your Christmas tree this year?

8 days till Christmas!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold | Blogmas

I've been using the popular Alpha-H Liquid Gold for a full year now and it's time for a well deserved review dedicated to this gem!

I first learned about Liquid Gold from Ruth years ago, and her analogy of how this works really helped me understand the "science" behind this. I highly recommend reading it through. In a nutshell, Liquid Gold is a concentrated Glycolic Acid toner that removes dead skin cells, revealing brighter looking skin. The acidity also drops the pH level of skin, so that your skin reacts to restore its normal pH level overnight, tightening pores and reviving skin in the process. The overall effect is better skin tone and texture over time, something which I've really noticed. Groundbreaking!

Liquid Gold is unique in that it's to be applied every other night on its own, without any other skincare product. That means no other toner, moisturizer, serum. It was a bit scary to skip everything at first but I've found that 1. nothing bad happens to my skin, no drying or anything, and 2. it's actually kind of nice to skip over the full skincare routine on lazy days.

I've had my doubts before trying Liquid Gold - skip all my skincare products? Slab on strong acid? Surely my sensitive skin would not enjoy that. Yet LG has proved me wrong. My reactive skin did not react to this at all, apart from the expected initial light tingle. And I still get to test out and enjoy all my other skincare products - every other non-LG night. 

If there's one skincare product to try this Christmas, I think this might have to be it.

Have you tried Liquid Gold?


9 days till Christmas!

December 16, 2014

Nude Skin with Dior | Blogmas

When it comes to the world of barely-there makeup, this is the powder you need. I first fell in love with the Diorskin Nude Compact months back when a Dior sales associate tried the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation on me, and set it with a light dusting of this powder. I loved what I saw so much that I had to go back and get it!

This is one of those do-I-really-need-it-if-it-barely-shows-up products, yet it's proven to be versatile and of top-notch quality. Worn alone, the Diorskin Nude Compact mattifies without being noticeable - think a translucent setting powder without the risk of looking ghostly white in photos. And skin stays matte for a good portion of the day, which is another plus. Worn on top of a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, it gives the most perfect baby-skin finish.

I normally prefer dewy skin, but for the winter time sometimes a matte, muted face just fits. With barely any coverage, it's definitely one for good skin days. It does however come with both a compact brush and powder puff, so you can still slightly build this up without it ever looking cakey. If you're in the market for a decent, light coverage powder, this might be one for you.

10 days till Christmas!

December 15, 2014

The Classic Gingerbread Man | Blogmas

My oven and I - we spend a lot of time together this time of year. As usual I have a list of baking projects planned for the holidays, but had to start with the classic gingerbread men as it was highly requested by my boyfriend, mainly because he likes doing their voiceover: "excuse me, do you know the Muffin Man?" He also enjoys eating them limb after limb while calling out "ahhhh help me!" Yes, it never gets old!

I used my go-to gingerbread man recipe, this time sneaking in a sprinkle more of ground ginger and cinnamon for extra flavor. (Tip: roll the dough slightly thinner than you want your cookies to be as these will rise ever so slightly.) I'll be spending the rest of my evening icing on their smiley faces, bow ties, and chocolate buttons.

Have a great Sunday!

11 days till Christmas!


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