April 10, 2015

April Goals

A bit late with the April Goals, partly because I was too excited to write about my long weekend shenanigans, but here we go!

Get back into healthier eating
This is probably the most unoriginal goal but it's also one I didn't think I'd write about. Ever since I gained my Freshman 15 years ago (i.e. the infamous 15lb weight gain that happens first year of college... I went to town with the buffet style dorm meals), healthy eating has long been a pretty natural habit of mine. I snacked sensibly, disciplined my sugar intake, and made sure I balanced my naughty, indulgent meals with a lot more healthy ones. But then work and stress happened, and boyfriend happened - does this happen to anyone else? I can't remember since when things changed, but I'm really bad with my food choices these days. My goal is nothing drastic but I hope to get back into the habit, and state of mind, of eating well.

Discover new music
Spotify has been doing me good. I'm finally branching out a bit in my music picks and it's making me feel all cool (at least in my head!). Hopefully this month I'll fall in love with a few more tunes so that I can compile a nice little playlist which I can share here.

Find the perfect orange-toned lipstick
This one's something that's been on my radar for months now, but I've still not found the one. With spring around the corner, hopefully I'll be able to find the perfect sheer-yet-opaque-enough-to-show-on-my-pigmented lips shade! Any recommendations?

What are your plans for April?

P.S. Thank you for your encouragement on my March Goals - I passed the nasty exam which I mentioned! Phew : )

April 6, 2015

Long Weekend

I am loving, loving, loving the five day weekend. It's almost too good to be true. It's so good I almost don't want to make any plans - because aren't simple, spontaneous days the most precious? Here are the few things makeup-wise I've been reaching for - just the bare minimum for late morning strolls, coffee runs, and some homeware shopping.
As much as I don't want to sound like a broken record, I'm still all about the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer lately; it's my morning moisturizer, sunblock and base all in one. I then dab a little bit of NARS Creamy Concealer just under the eyes, and dust the teeniest amount of NARS Translucent Setting Powder over the center of my face, for good measure (read: oily skin savior). From there, I skip pretty much everything else, except a bit of brow action with the Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Ebony," and my all-time favorite tinted lip balm, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in "Rose." "It's a classic that's been a favorite long before all the other Fresh Sugar variations came along - I recently felt the urge to pick up a new tube after years of not having this with me!

Throw in a giant pair of shades, a few mini chocolate eggs, a good book, and you have there the perfect Easter weekend. Some pancakes wouldn't hurt either.

What do you use on minimal makeup days?

April 4, 2015

Something Old, Something New

It's day two of a FIVE DAY LONG WEEKEND in Hong Kong. Five days! Hong Kong may be jam packed, polluted and stressful, but its abundance of public holidays really makes up for it, kind of.

I've declared my love for Melvita countless times - and a Melvita run was long overdue given I've been out of my (third) Melvita Plumping Radiance Duo for weeks. I use it as my morning serum; I use the term "serum" here loosely as it really is more of an addictive, refreshing bi-phase mist to start the day. I also decided to stock up on another Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water, which I use as my morning toner, preceding the Plumping Radiance Duo. It's what started my Melvita obsession - it's the best.

I previously blogged about my hunt for a good brightening target treatment for some freckles post-LA, and as though it was meant to be, the new Nectar Bright line was on display when I was in the store. Since Melvita seldom does me wrong (except the time I tried the BB cream...), I bought the Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate on a whim, a target treatment for dark spots, freckles or dull skin. The key ingredients are 5 white flowers and brown alga extract - not too sure what exactly any of this is, but an organic brightening option is worth trying to me, especially considering most correcting concentrates on the market are pretty strong and synthetic. It's far too soon to tell if it's effective, but this is definitely one of the most enjoyable brightening treatments I've used. No strong chemically smells, but instead a light jasmine-like floral scent, together with a snazzy dropper for target application. I can't complain.

What's your favorite brightening serum? 

March 17, 2015

Things that are Underrated

 Wearing old-school watches. Watching the seconds tick away, and then losing track of time for once. Planning a day of what you know you love, not what you think is expected of you (and if you're a fellow introvert, these moments).

Genuine answers to "How are you?" - realizing it's always nice to hear responses beyond "I'm good" and "busy....!"

Thinking out loud. Letting your thoughts go off on a tangent and start exploring layer after layer of yourself. Not being afraid to say the wrong thing, but instead, afraid to miss the chance to share a thought, as random or silly it may seem. Because that's how the best ideas and grandest epiphanies come about.

Mindfulness, self-awareness. Being honest to oneself and really reflecting on why we do, think, want, or say certain things. Realizing the wisdom and truth that you chase after every day in fact was within you all along.

Having the courage to admit your fears and uncertainties. It's okay to share about what you are scared of. It's okay to admit you don't know. If only we could all be honest and real to ourselves and one another - wouldn't that be refreshing?

March 7, 2015

March Goals

Slightly late on the March Goals but here we go! I've only set two this month as I expect both to be pretty time-intensive, but I'm excited to see how they will turnout. March is probably my least favorite month, because, well, it's that post-holiday come down period, and nothing exciting really happens in March. Plus we get zero public holidays, which is never good.

Pass an exam
I have a professional exam for work coming up in mid March so life has been nothing but lots of coffee, tea and pink highlighters (way funner than yellow highlighters, IMO), so for March my goal is definitely to pass this and get it out of the way.

Seek out inspiration
Contrasting my (dry and quantitative) exam, I've been giving more thought to what really satisfies my soul. Without passion and hobbies, life is just a soulless, infinite loop of purpose-less events. But pace of life in Hong Kong is so fast that I can barely find time to slow down and really appreciate things that inspire me. This March, I want to try to let my interests in liberal and visual arts (fancy term but simply translates to mean pretty pictures and thought-provoking reading) take center stage at least every now and then after years of focusing solely on what I think is expected of me.

And how did I do on my February Goals you ask? Not too bad. I vowed to give my eyes a rest by wearing less contact lenses, which I did manage to do by bringing my glasses with me in my purse, and taking my contacts out mid-day whenever I knew nothing "important" was left in the day. I was actually slightly forced to make this happen as my eyes have been ridiculously dry and red lately... I think a decade of contact lens wearing has taken a huge toll on them. Any fellow contact lens wearers out there with the same struggle? Another goal I made was to sleep and wake up earlier. I definitely need to keep trying on that one...

Another goal that I've had on my list since January was to try to make eggs benedict - though now rethinking it, it's really just making poached eggs since I consciously want to skip that unhealthy Hollandaise sauce. After 2 failed eggs (which tasted equally good, it's all good!), I successfully made poached eggs for Valentine's Day breakfast, stacked on top of crispy bacon and an English muffin. Big thanks to Smitten Kitchen's tips and inspiration from this amazing video.

What are your plans for March?


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