February 4, 2014

Drama Free Lashes

I've had the Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara for almost a year now, but for most of that time it has been living at the bottom of my makeup drawer, neglected and forgotten. The mascara formula is very, very wet, which meant it quickly weighed my lashes down and did quite the opposite of what its name suggests. But sometimes mascaras are like wine - they need time to "breathe" and thicken up a bit. I decided to give this mascara a second chance lately, because although it's been waaaay past the 3-months life span that everyone says a mascara should only be kept for, this tube was barely used and I couldn't bear to just throw it away.

After months of neglect, the mascara still has one of the most runny, wet formulas I've ever tried. However, I'm pleasantly surprised that it now manages to hold a curl very well. I use my Hitachi Eye Crie heated lash curler that I mentioned in my January favorites, and my lashes stay curled the entire day.

In comparison to my favorite Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara, the Kevyn Aucoin one holds a curl just as well. The main difference is that the KA formula is very separating and doesn't add any clumps. It's great for those who do not like the spiderleg lashes effect. I call it my "drama free" mascara, because it's slightly less volumizing than the Lancome one (but still decently lengthening). I've been reaching for the KA one on days I want more natural looking lashes. I also think that the cleaner yet enhanced look it gives is more appropriate for a professional/office setting.

I wouldn't say this is a must-have, but definitely a clean and refreshing one for girls looking for a natural, toned down look. Do give it some time to dry out a bit though!

(Using our Chinese New Year flowers as a backdrop!)

Have you ever given a product a second chance and ended up loving it?


  1. Ooh sounds like a great mascara! I often find myself having a wet mascara, but i leave it for a few weeks and its fine (: xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  2. Your photos are so lovely! I find all mascaras get better a few weeks after you first open them, but with high-end ones I don't want to wait that long when I've just paid a fortune! x

    Elissa | styleaffix.com

  3. This sounds like it was a nice one to try! I'm not a fan of super wet mascaras, I find them really difficult to work with but it's good that this one did dry up a little bit. I've been giving my Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer another chance and although I still hate the scent, the formula is starting to win me over hehe xo

  4. Super wet mascara has always put me off aswell but I detest having spider leg lashes as mine are sparsh as it is, really want to try this stuff now :) x


  5. I'm not a fan of mascara's when you first open them, they are always too wet! I had a similar experience with a Loreal one, I think it was the Million Lash. I hated it when I was first given it but then well over a year later I tried it out again and it was amazing. It's worth keeping them for a while I think. I'm also not sure the 3 month rule should matter when they aren't being opened daily...or at least that is how I am going to think of it lol. x


  6. For natural toned down lashes, I like Estee Lauder's smudge proof lengthening mascara. I haven't tried anything from Kevyn Aucoin, but wet mascaras don't do much for me. I prefer something with minimal maintenance. LOL!

  7. i dont think i ever go for natural lashes lol but then again, i wear really thick black rimmed glasses so i feel like i need a little more oomph for my eyes. its' nice to re-discover something in your stash though.

    A Beautiful Zen

  8. I love crazy dramatic lashes ;) Toned down just isn't my style - but I'm keen to try something from this range. Just found your blog and loving!




  9. Melanie SutrathadaFebruary 6, 2014 at 1:18 AM

    I'm so excited about trying this mascara now, Rachel! I've been obsessed with Falsies (I totally agreed with your review of it last year, by the way). I don't wear a ton of make-up, and mascara is my one daily must-have. I've been looking for a new one to play with and am so excited that this one holds a curl well. I'll definitely be on the hunt for this mascara soon!

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

  10. the packaging look so lovely!



  11. Oh, I love the idea of a drama free mascara! It's always hard to find that perfect balance between not looking too ordinary or like you just had a crazy night out, haha.

  12. I love big, voluminous, dramatic lashes so I don't think this would be the one for me. I really want to try something from the brand though, it looks so luxurious xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. I keep stumbling across your blog and I love it! :) keep it up! So excited to be your newest subscriber!


  14. i love the packaging ! it looks very classy :) Would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx

  15. hehe thank you Emily, just checked out your blog and am your newest subscriber too! :)

  16. Aw yay for second chances! Yea, sometimes having that more natural lash look is a good thing :D


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