March 23, 2014

The Weekend Post #7

I confessed a week ago on Twitter about a sneaky, sneaky purchase. I was actually at the Lancome counter so my mom could pick up a new tube of mascara, but a quick swatchathon paired with a very friendly and helpful sales associate led to a completely unjustified impulse buy - a second tube of Gloss in Love, just 2 weeks after my first!

Lancome Gloss in Love #383 is the sparkly pink tube in the picture above. Unlike my first tube, shade #202, #383 is part of Lancome's permanent line. Also different is its finish - #202 is milky and sparkle-free, while #383 is jelly-like and sparkly. I like that #383 is not the most pigmented shade of the line. It's more of a rosy tint with very fine silver sparkle - just enough to add a flattering glassy shine to the lips (if you like more color, check out #385). It's a bit too sparkly for neutral work days, so to me, #383 has become the weekend twin of #202 - #202 is conservative and elegant, #383 is cheery and fun!

I broke into my new pair of Maud Frizon kitten heels this week too. Though not the most fashionable option, these kitten heels are comfortable enough for me to wear all day at work, so that I don't have to stuff my purse with a backup pair of flats. These have quickly taken over the place of my usual black work heels, as the earthy taupe shade is so easy and goes with everything.
The week was long, busy, and quite all-over-the-place. Times like these call for good food, preferably loaded with sugar. My favorites were a red velvet cupcake for tea, and an almond croissant for breakfast - both of which were thoughtful deliveries to me at work. I'm one lucky girl!

Then came the long awaited weekend. I spent Friday night catching up with a bestie over tea, fries and sticky toffee pudding. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the end of a long long week! Apart from a quick trip back to the office on Saturday, the rest of the weekend was peaceful and relaxing. We had family dinners, long walks, dim sum and a trip to Nan Lian Garden, a tranquil Chinese style park with traditional wooden architecture, greenery and Buddhist relics. And with that, here we are again - Sunday evening. Boo!

How was your week?


  1. Impulse buys are the best buys haha! :) I would love to try them! They both look lovely.
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

    Valérie from Scribbles of Valérie x

  2. Those lip glosses look stunning! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. x

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! And oh that impulse buy.. The new lipgloss looks worth it, I like the silvery sparkles in it!
    I could easily eat an almond croissant right now, too. Looks so yummy! x

    Kathryn |

  4. The packaging of the Gloss in Love glosses are simply divine. You picked a lovely shade, Rachel. No wonder you went back for a second helping so soon after the first. ;)

  5. the gloss and the food looks good. actually i think they came out with a new gloss formula? or was it new colors. i can't remember. either way, i was lemming them
    and those shoes are super fashionalbe! they would clean up any look and are very versatile.

  6. The lipgloss is gorgeous, I wound't have been able to resist it either

  7. That tea looks so delightful!!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  8. Those kitten heels are cute for work :D Glad you had a nice weekend!

  9. The garden is gorgeous!! It must be so peaceful to spend time there. I've been craving dim sum lately... I think I'll have to get some this week :)

  10. I'm getting more and more into lipgloss at the moment and both of those look simply stunning! xo

  11. I've nominated you for a Liebster award!


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