April 6, 2014

Weekend Reading (& Other Lovely Things)

It's been a weekend of catching up on Bloglovin and Pinterest, while looping the same few songs on iTunes. That's a weekend well spent I'd say. Here are some of my favorites.

I've been very into lifestyle and interior design blogs lately. I was a bit behind on The Private Life of a Girl, so I made sure to do a marathon-style read through of all her recent posts. I love Sophie's morning ritual, especially the scrumptious shot of her homemade sour dough loaf. Thanks to her I also discovered the Simply Breakfast blog, which I can't believe I have not known about before. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and this blog captures it perfectly! More drool-worthy breakfast posts I love are Megs from Wonderful You's Breakfast in Bed and Lillian from Parisian To Be's Quinoa recipe.

In the beauty realm, Tiffany's Rosy Outlook has got me researching rose hued blushes and lipsticks all Sunday, and Daphne's review of Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes has me wanting to buy a second shade of these beauts.

One thing I've yet to share here is that my boyfriend who lives in Singapore is finally coming home for good. After over 2 years of working there, he has finally confirmed his relocation back to Hong Kong. I'm over the moon excited! With moving back comes apartment hunting. Hong Kong apartments are teeny tiny, but thankfully Pinterest has some amazing inspiration for small spaces. I've been clicking through images for hours, sending him ones I think he'd like for his new pad, and pinning ones I think are too pretty to forget.

Last but definitely not last, I watched Her last week. If you have not yet seen the movie, I highly recommend you do. It's very much my kind of movie - romantic but thought-provoking, sentimental but heart warming. The whole story develops through dialogue between the two lovers. I love everything about Her, the acting, the script, the music, and also the fact that it's set in the heart of Downtown LA, mixed in with scenes of (surprise surprise) Shanghai's Pudong business district to create a futuristic, utopian version of Los Angeles. One of the best movies I've seen, and hands down my new favorite movie since "500 Days of Summer," which was 5 years ago.

This is a movie that will resonate with each person in a different way. For me, it shows how love is strictly an internal, personal feeling that really no one else can get, sometimes not even the other person in the relationship. It's all perceived in your head, which in some way feels safe and secure, but at times can also feel incredibly lonely.

That was some ramble. I'll leave you with my favorite 2 soundtracks from the movie - Photograph, which is purely instrumental but does feel exactly like a photo of 2 love birds, and The Moon Song, which is just so perfectly dreamy and therapeutic.

I hope you had a good weekend, and are well-rested and energized for the week ahead!


  1. I recently watched Her as well, wow I absolutely loved it! It was so amazing! I also loved how it sort of had a soft, hazy lighting/filter over it. Ugh just such an amazing movie.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I am definitely going to watch Her, it sounds like something i'm going to love

    Please check out my blog


    Elizabeth x

  3. hmm i watched HER but i found the story not that compelling. the idea was a good one but i didn't really connect with the characters and the main plot driver was not written in a believable way. i wanted to like it though...

    and omg. ..a blog just about breakfast! amazing!

    A Beautiful Zen

  4. oh and HURRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR BF! man...i can't wait to end my long distance thing too. frick its been 3 years for us...

  5. Ah, thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Now, I'm going to make some quinoa.... *wink*

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  6. So many lovely blogs to check out. I like to see what people are reading / watching.


  7. Yay about bf coming back to you :-) You've sparked that curiosity in me to watch Her now...

  8. I'm a bit late on this but thanks for the mention love! Yay for the boyfriend moving home! Tell me about teeny tiny apartments, I try telling my European flatmates how tiny the family apartment back in Taipei was and they think it's inhumane. :P x

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

  9. yesss that hazy filter really adds to it - am so in love with that movie!! x

  10. aww hang in there! i hope you and your bf reunite really soon too :) interesting that you didn't like Her, the thoughts i've heard have been pretty extreme - people either love it or hate it. i feel like i want to watch it again to validate my feelings for it haha :) x

  11. you must see it - i loved it so much!!

  12. you're very welcome hehe :) yesss my american friends just don't get how small apartments here are. fitting a bed into a bedroom takes precise, cautious measurements haha!! xx

  13. true that. I think I nearly cried of joy when I realized how big my dorm room here in London was and then my other friends were complaining how squeezy it is. THEY JUST DONT UNDERSTAND AND DONT APPRECIATE


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