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December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Gift Ideas for The Lipstick Junkie

❤ Day Two 

Lipstick is a really personal makeup item - everyone has their own favorite brand or a specific shade they stick with. The slight difference in hue or undertone may be all it takes to turn someone away from a lipstick. So if you know a friend/family who's a lipstick junkie, getting them the perfect lipstick may be a mission impossible. For a safer bet, here are some lip care goodies that I'm sure any lipstick fanatic would love to see under the tree this Christmas.

Goes on a light cream color (practically a clear balm), smells amazing, and keeps lips moisturized for hours. My favorite lip balm to keep on my nightstand to slab on right before bedtime.

If you know a friend who already loves this line of lip balms, this is the perfect way for them to try out the newer shades. Also great to split up as multiple stocking stuffers. PS. I got a set of these for myself too!

Perfect for the drier months to remove dead, dry skin on your lips. Pair this with a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment for the ultimate lipstick junkie present.

4. Clarins Natural Lip Perfector
I've raved about this product on my blog way too much... definitely one of my holy grail goodies! It's the perfect hybrid of a lipgloss and a chapstick. It seriously perfects your lips like no other.

5. Clarins "Whole Lotta Color" Chubby Stick Set
Clarins' Chubby Stick line has been getting a lot of love from the beauty community this year, so this is definitely a safe bet Christmas present for any beauty junkie. But specifically if you know anyone into their lipsticks, this would make the perfect present.

6. Dior Addict Lip Glow
This lip balm leaves a slight sheen on your lips, and also reacts with body warmth to give off a slight red hue. Perfect to create that rosy glow you normally get from being out in the cold. And on top of that, the packaging is absolutely adorable, so princessy and luxurious.

11 days till Christmas!

December 6, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas - Your Besties

I thought long and hard whether to do gift guide blogposts - I love watching/reading them (because what's better than drooling over presents while getting into the festive mood?) but I think the perfect gifts are always personalized and are a spur-of-the-moment kind of purchase that cannot be generalized by any gift guide.

So I thought I'd do a couple "gift ideas" posts targeting specific niches instead. Gift ideas that might help inspire and get you thinking of things to get, or tweak to fit as a perfect gift for someone you know. This will be the first one - Christmas gift ideas for your besties. Things that you and your group of girlfriends can each own one as a little treat for yourselves and to celebrate your friendship.

Want something you can wear every day to show your bestie love? How about a friendship charm bracelet? You can even add special charms for any memorable occasion too.

Know a bestie who always has her iPhone in hand? Get her this BFF iPhone case and keep the other half for yourself :)

Workout buddies? How cute are these water bottles. Twinsiessss.

Makeup junkies? How about matching makeup pouches. Pull em out together for a midday touch up after your brunch date!

Need a bestie stocking stuffer? These pocket mirrors are absolutely adorable and have cute messages behind each one.

Hope these helped you cross off a few names on your Christmas-gifts to-buy list!

November 10, 2012


... pondering this
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

... loving this

Newest favorite handcream. Lightly perfumed and non greasy.

... reading this 

Let's see what all the hype is about.

... craving this

Soy latte and chicken curry salad from Urth Caffe.

... missing this

Vacation with the boyfriend. 
Scratch that. Make that any type of boyfriend time.

Happy Friday! What are you up to currently?

October 4, 2012

Five Things

Monday & Tuesday were public holidays in Hong Kong this week. So although I did have to work both days (my job doesn't stop on public holidays... boo!), I've been in a long-weekend chillax kind of mood and am very glad that tomorrow is already Friday.

Here are five things that have made me happy this week.

This article on Thought Catalog that's pretty spot on about this stupid long distance thing many of us are going through.

Playing around with Twitter. I am finally getting used to using fancy hashtags in my tweets. Yay! What I still can't figure out is - how do people decide whether to post something on Instagram or on Twitter? In case you're interested in following me on Twitter watching me figure out Twitter, I can be found at @rachanne22

Reading "the Perks of being a Wallflower." I'm one of those people. The ones that scramble to get hold of a book before the movie comes out. Sometimes it's a let down but this time it was a very pleasant surprise. I can't put this book down, it's so endearing and honest. Bought this 2 days ago and I'm already half way through.

Food.. lots of food. Relatives visiting from Canda + Long Weekend = lots of good food.

burger time, thai coconut desserts, cappuccino and a tuna panini... heart shaped!

Noticing cool scenery that I actually pass by every day but always fail to notice. Sometimes it's nice to slow down and enjoy the view.

And one big sad thing...
Today the people of Hong Kong mourn the loss of 38 lives in the worst ferry collision accident in 40 years that happened on Monday. It was National Day, and families were out at sea to watch the fireworks above the harbor, when another speed ferry hit the boat, sinking it so quickly that many got trapped and drowned. The unexpectedness of the accident, plus the stark contrast between celebration and tragedy, has left the city shocked and heartbroken.

It is times like this that really put things into perspective... life is short and fragile, love and live to the fullest.

Praying for the injured and the families who lost their loved ones.

October 3, 2012

4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

I was inspired by one of my favorite crafty girls Everyday Elsie to set 4 simple goals for the rest of the year (her list here). Great idea to get organized and gear up for a fulfilling quarter of the year! 

So here are my four simple goals I hope to achieve before 2013:

Reorganize my closet & donate clothes
As a result of years of shopping and hoarding, my closet is now seriously overflowing. I find myself having to press down on clothes in order to close the drawers. It's shameful I know... Another problem is I tend to forget I own pieces because they're drowning in a sea of disorganized garments. I want to reorganize so I can easily access what I have, and also donate clothes I no longer wear to the Salvation Army. What better time to donate than before the holidays?

Bake something healthy for my family
I love baking, but since my family is massively health conscious (and some of them have diabetes), I usually share my bake goods with friends or colleagues instead. I'm determined to come up with a healthy, low-sugar, yet yummy dessert this fall, so that for once my family will get to enjoy my desserts, guilt and worry-free. I'm thinking of something pumpkin/Thanksgiving related... but we'll see.

Print and frame my favorite 2012 photos
How many frames is too much for one wall? I have a huge weak spot for photo frames, especially all-white ones. I already have 7 framed pictures of my favorite places and moments in my room, but am still itching to add more, especially from my July Europe trip.

Start using an eyecream diligently
I think eye cream is the kind of skincare product that doesn't seem necessary until it's too late. It's always better to prevent than to undo. Sadly ones that I've tried have either been too light to do anything, or too heavy and left me with tiny patches of milia. Eek. Hopefully I'll find one that works well for me, and finally stick to using it.

That's it! Four very simple goals. Hopefully you'll see me blogging about them soon (if I manage to achieve them!) I am feeling excited and motivated after reflecting on these goals - so I definitely encourage you to set a couple too. Let me know if you do, I'd love to know about yours :)

September 30, 2012

September INs and OUTs

Goodbye September, you're usually a "blah" month, but this year it's been great. I felt very inspired to blog more, baked a batch of successful red velvet cupcakes, made a trip to Disney for Halloween, and welcomed a good friend's brand new baby boy.

October marks the beginning of the annual chain of festivity - Mid Autumn Festival (I wrote about it here), then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the New Year. I can't wait!

- Deep cleansing. As I mentioned a few posts back, I am on the hunt for the perfect deep clean mask. I've been really proud of myself - my recent diligent face mask routine is not something I'm usually disciplined enough to stick with! I'm only allowing myself to purchase the next face mask after I finish my recently purchased Lush ones... so this search is going to take a while.

- Melvita. I've been reading more about organic skincare options, and France's number 1 organic skincare brand Melvita really caught my eye. Their skincare lines are based on various natural ingredients to serve for different functions. So far I'm enjoying their Argan Oil very much. Currently debating between their Moisturizing Rose Nectar or Perfecting Cream.

- How I Met Your Mother. It took me years to start cracking on this TV series and I love it so much. For the first time, I feel like my all time fav Friends has met its match. Perfect entertainment after a stressful day at work. Best served with spaghetti and diet coke.

- Black eyeshadow. No, not for smokey drunk vampy goth makeup face. I'm talkin' a teeny teeny veryyyy tiny bit of black blended in well on the outer corner of the eye, just below the crease. Adds such subtle drama and dimension for fall. (No black eyeshadow? Smudging out black pencil eyeliner on the outer corner of the lid gives the same effect.)

- Sweet Treats. After busy days, I've been treating myself to some sugary goodness (always a couple hours before bed which I know is so bad, so I try to only have a little each time!). Haagen Dazs ice cream crunch bars, Haribo peach gummies and Frango mint chocolates have been my top 3 favorites.

- Stressing out. I'm putting an end to this right now! In work and in my personal life. Turns out dealing with stress isn't as easy as I thought - and is a real "grown up" thing I must learn to handle.

- My disorganized desk. I would post a picture here of my ridiculously messy desk/vanity, but I'm honestly too embarrassed to. Must organize and clean my desk this weekend.

- Heels. I've been mega mega lazy about my choice of footwear. Even on work days I have been living in flats, mainly because I'm really enjoying walking around with the slight breeze, and don't want heels to get in the way of a nice autumn stroll.

What have you been into this month?

September 25, 2012

Five Things

Sometimes it's hard to find joy in things on the most blah day of the week - Tuesday. 
Work is building up for the week, but yet we're still pretty far from the weekend. Boo!

But this week I got lucky and had a good few happy Tuesday moments - and Instagram always makes them look even cuter. 
Here are the five things that brightened up my day today.

manicure & tv time before bed
and by tv i mean my "how i met your mother" dvd series

random cutie i found on my desk at work
he's all ready for halloween!

the dynamic duo - silly chicken and silly duck
these two have been around at my aunt's house since i was a kid. my aunt was sweet enough to invite me over for dinner during the rough week. some warm soup, coconut pastry desserts, and a lot of girl talk later, i left feeling cheery and refreshed for the rest of the week.

revlon just bitten kissable lip stains
finally, they've arrived in Hong Kong! monthsss late but still - better late than never. i was at the drugstore picking up shampoo when i saw these on shelves. yay the excitement! got the shade 001 Honey... new lip products make me giddy.
(caught on camera - mr koala bear wants to give it a try too)

last but not least, the unphotographed...
this article on thought catalog
titled "32 ways to make me fall in love with you"
(boyfriend if you're reading this, take note. wink wink!)

I guess Tuesdays aren't always thaaaat bad. :)

September 22, 2012

Four Favorites and One Happy News

dainty necklace / iced starbucks / bouquet / celebratory balloon / recent mascara fav / all time favorite snack 

T G I F.
Longest hardest week ever... and it's over! I cannot be happier.
Despite the whirlwind of work, there were small bits (and one huge news) that made me very happy. 

This dainty necklace. (Love mixing metals)
Drinking more iced starbucks while it's still warm. (Passionfruit tea lemonade!)
Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara. (Accentuates individual lashes. Writing a full review on this next week.)
My favorite TV junk food fix. (American snacks are considered fancy imports and are extremely overpriced in Hong Kong. I was excited to find my favorite Rold Gold Pretzels on sale - tastes extra good because it's rare and special here)

And finally... the good news. A good friend of mine had her baby this Wednesday. It's a boy! It feels so grown up to have a friend give birth... for the very first time. I headed straight to the hospital after work that day to see her and the new little one. Of course I couldn't go empty handed - a friend and I ordered a last minute bouquet and grabbed a cheesy "NEW BABY!" balloon on the way.

He is the most beautiful bundle of joy I've seen. And I'm so glad the new mommy is doing so well too. 

Before I left the hospital, I asked the new mommy: "how did it feel? did the birth make you and hubby feel more in love?"
She paused, then smiled: "I feel like... we're really a family now."

Warmth beyond words. :)

Linking up with Life Rearranged.

September 20, 2012

I believe in...

[lacma lights, los angeles]

I survived the toughest day of the year at work today. So so happy. I came home to my favorite blog reading time and saw yet another very cute tag going around. Here are some things I believe in! Some things sillier, some things more serious. I had a lot of fun reflecting and thinking about these. 
What do you believe in?

I believe a dream is a wish your heart makes.
I believe afternoon tea and scones can make everything feel better.
I believe in counting down to Christmas from September.
I believe sleeping in on a Saturday morning is not wasting the weekend. Not at all.
I believe in brunch with my girls.
I believe in brunch in general. ;)
I believe in smiling.
I believe in singing to yourself.
I believe in waterproof eyeliner. And concealer.
I believe in organic skincare.
I believe in de-stressing with odd/random TLC shows. (Extreme couponing!! Hoarders!!)
I believe everything in life happens for a reason.
I believe in God.
I believe in volunteering.
I believe that frosting is the best part of a cupcake.
I believe in blogging for inspiration and self reflection.
I believe in eating healthy 90% of the time. Maybe 80%.
I believe in my family.
I believe in my boyfriend.
I believe in love and kindness
And all things warm and fuzzy!

Linking up, thanks Living In Yellow for this wonderful idea :)


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